Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hello stranger!

Oh dear, oh dear...A bad blogger over here!

Well, there is no POSSIBLE way to update everything...so I am not even going to try!

So what's new with me...

I am working full time this year...8-5, M-F.  So much less time for scrapping...I have been mostly doing cards.  But thanks to the 5th annual Crp For The Cure hosted by Veronica Reis, I did manage to get a fair number of pages done.  I haven't snapped them yet so no pics...sorry!  I will do that another time.

Two kids in High School???  How the heck did that happen? 
Yep...my baby graduated in June...she was gorgeous that evening...so proud of her!

Here they are on their first day(s)...Elysia had to go on the Tuesday...grade 9 orientation day...Gregory got an extra day off!

Here are some cards I have made since the last ones I showed you...
a condolence card

for my best friend's 50th

for my daughter's 14th
for billet hosts from boys on choir exchange

for billet hosts from girls on choir exchange

At work I have really been getting my craft on.  I am working every morning for 45 minutes with grades 2-6 and I decided to do month-long projects. I have been using The Crafty Crow for inspiration and instruction.  Great site...if it's not their own project they link you to the instructions.  In October we made this aluminum foil art that looked like an antique ceiling tile(foil art) and for November we have been doing string art .  I am excited for December...we're making Christmas cards!  I have already been shopping for materials and with the 50% off coupons that Michael's had for the "black Friday" here in Canada, as well as the door crasher/one day sales and my teacher discount, I was able to get $80+ worth of materials for around $40. Cha-ching!!  I have enough stuff to make 100 cards.  There are 22 kids in the group every morning, most of them are there every day, so they will make at least 3 cards each.  I am going to make up a couple of samples for them on the weekend so they can get an idea of how to work with sketches.  (I made up a few sheets of sketches chosen from Page Maps for them to use as inspiration)  I am excited to get started.
The best part about this...even though we only get to work for about 30 minutes every morning, the kids are loving it and so far they are so enthusiastic about what we are doing.  And the parents love it!!

Ok, that's enough rambling for tonight.

Take care, and if you got this far...well, good on ya!  LOL!

See you soon...I hope...

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