Monday, 16 January 2012

So it's Blue Monday?

I have never heard of this before but it's been all over the news today....huh....I suppose I could google it but really, I have better things to do!

Honestly, right now, the only thing I am feeling blue about is this absolutely pathetic winter we're having.  That picture at the top of my page?  It was an anomaly...and not even taken in my town!  That was the day we went for our Christmas tree, at the tree farm, about a half our north of us.  We had absolutely no snow at our house that day.  Today, it's mild and raining now and the forecast is for rain all day tomorrow.

I love snow!  No, I do not like driving in bad weather, nor do I like the bitter biting winds.  I like a snow covered ground that you can go out and play in, be it tobogganing, walking the dog, or skating on the Mill Pond (which isn't safe yet!)  Big, fat, fluffy flakes falling gently to the ground make me happy!

So, on that note....

This a page about my family skating at Mill Pond at the Winter Carnival.  (I didn't take my skates) Held the first weekend in February and I think this year will be the 46th or something like that?  These pics were taken last year!
I sure hope we can skate on the pond at this year's carnival....

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  1. Fun winter LO Paula. We had our first snowstorm in Montreal last week. If I could I would send it your way :)